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Find new fireworks at a Sky Bacon dealer near you this summer.

2020 New Products
Awesome Aerials
MS136 Willow Forest.png

Willow Forest

200 Gram Cake - 25 shots

Amazing gold-willow mines lead up to drooping gold-willow breaks - an elegant and timeless display. A spectacular single-effect cake!

Patriotic Pieces
FN144 America Enduring.png

America Enduring


A sequel to 'America Forever', this two-minute fountain puts on a show of gold, vivid colors, & crackle.

Inspired by Pop Culture
GM182 Spider-Swine v1-1.png


500 Gram Cake - 12 shots

Throws webs of silver crackling spider with vibrant red & blue pearls. Ends in 3 shots of crackling spider with crackling chrysanthemums. 

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