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Fireworks Store Locator

Buy Sky Bacon Fireworks from a dealer in your location.

About our map:

Use the map above to find reputable fireworks retailers in the United States that carry Sky Bacon Fireworks. Dealers featured on the map include year-round stores as well as seasonal firework sellers, such as tents and stands which may be open during the 4th of July and other seasons throughout the year.

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Before you celebrate with fireworks, make sure you and everyone celebrating with you knows about fireworks safety.

Print a Fireworks Safety Checklist

Download and print our checklist of fireworks safety tips, which are listed below.

Fireworks Safety Material Essentials (1).png

Tips: How to Shoot Fireworks Safely

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, the National Council on Fireworks Safety, and your friends at Sky Bacon Fireworks have lots of safety tips to offer:

  • Only buy fireworks from reliable sellers, such as those listed in our map above.

  • Make sure it is legal in your area to shoot fireworks.

  • Use fireworks outdoors only in an area without obstructions.

  • Have a water source handy and make sure spectators remain a safe distance away.

  • Read and follow the label directions for each item.

  • Light only one firework at a time, and then stand back and ENJOY!

  • Wait 15-20 minutes for items to cool before approaching. Let cool over night or soak in water before disposing in an outdoor trash receptacle.

Visit our Fireworks Safety page for a how-to video and more safety tips.


Fireworks That Sizzle

See why Sky Bacon Fireworks are America's go-to for the 4th of July and any celebration.

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