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How to Shoot Fireworks: Safety Essentials

Before you celebrate with fireworks, make sure you and everyone celebrating with you knows about fireworks safety.

Check out our Fireworks Safety 101 video above. You can also use our checklist of fireworks safety tips listed below.

Where to shoot fireworks

Pick a spot outside in clear, obstruction-free area.

Make sure it's legal to shoot! Check the laws/ordinances of the area in which you're shooting.

Where to buy fireworks

Only buy fireworks from reliable sellers. Check the Sky Bacon dealer directory for authorized fireworks in your area!

Stay away from illegal explosives and illegal fireworks, and never experiment or make your own fireworks.

Fireworks shooting safety materials

Items to gather before the shoot:

  • A water source (a garden hose, bucket of water, or fire extinguisher)

  • Eye protection (safety glasses or goggles)

  • Close-toed shoes

  • Things to brace tip-able items (bricks or cinder blocks, or stakes/rebar and duct tape)

  • Instant-on torch or punk sticks

  • Sober adult shooter

How to shoot fireworks

First, have any spectators remain a safe distance away from the shooting area.

Before lighting, make sure certain items are braced to prevent tip-over:

  • For small multi-shots like 200 gram cakes, place bricks or cinder blocks on either side of the firework to brace. Alternatively, use duct tape to secure it to a stake or rebar in the ground.

  • For Bottle Rockets, Stick Rockets, or Roman Candles, stick item in ground before lighting. If necessary, brace with a stake or rebar and duct tape to prevent tip-over.

When shooting fireworks:

  • Read and follow the label directions for each item. Do not hold a firework in your hand unless specified.

  • Place each item on a hard, flat surface. Brace if necessary.

  • Light only one firework fuse at a time, and then stand back and ENJOY!

When shooting sparklers, consider using the plastic cup trick. This protects the user's hands from sparks and is a great trick for kids!

How to properly dispose of spent fireworks

Wait 15-20 minutes for items to cool before approaching.

Dispose of fireworks properly by soaking them in water or allowing them to cool overnight, and then dispose of them in a trash receptacle.

How NOT to shoot fireworks

  • Never attempt to re-light a firework that does not go off.

  • Never throw or point fireworks at anything besides the open sky.

  • Never carry fireworks in your pocket.

  • Never shoot fireworks in metal or glass containers.

Print a safety checklist

Click here for a printable fireworks safety checklist.

Have fun, be safe, and enjoy the fireworks! Share your celebrations on Facebook (tag us @SkyBacon) and we'll share your post.

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