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5 Low-Noise Fireworks

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Fireworks are notorious for making lots of noise, which is great for Independence Day - but what about the rest of the year?

Here are 5 types of quiet, silent, or low-noise fireworks that can be enjoyed without disturbing your neighbors.

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As always, please be sure you and everyone celebrating with you are familiar with the laws in your area before setting off any fireworks.

1. Daytime Fireworks

Daytime fireworks are surprisingly quiet and an underrated staple commonly carried by the fireworks retailer. Items that set off smoke or shoot out parachutes are ideal because their effects are designed to be more visually appealing than audibly.

One example is our Never-Ending Smoke, a smoke item that lasts a whole 6 minutes and changes colors.

2. Conics & Fountains

This category is great for the off season because it ensures the pyro party will remain close to the ground, as opposed to aerial items that can be seen and heard from miles away.

Quiet Storm is a fountain designed specifically for maintaining a peaceful audio level, and Crayon Meltdown is a mesmerizing fountain with colorful lava drops.

3. Quiet Cakes

Multi-shot cakes, as we’re all familiar, are usually designed to be incredibly loud and attention-grabbing from miles away. However, two effects in particular that are suitable for multi shots are also optimal for keeping the peace and quiet: horsetail and flying fish.

Horsetail, also commonly referred to as “waterfall”, is a mesmerizing effect in its slow fall towards the ground. One burst and the horsetail descends gracefully in silence. Flying fish is another effect known for its visual appeal with little noise. Pinpricks of glowing light appear to swim away from the initial burst.

There are several great options for cakes dedicated to flying fish, such as Color Fish, a cake that is popular even during the major fireworks season.

4. Novelties

It’s so easy to fill up a cart with just novelties that make little to no sound. Anything that doesn’t whistle or crackle is ideal for the off season. Some examples of common and quiet novelties include snakes and flying, non-crackling items.

Campfire Flames is an awesome product for adding some magic to your next bonfire. Toss these packets in a fire to turn the flames RAINBOW!

5. Sky Lanterns

Finally, lighting Sky Lanterns is an excellent peaceful activity to enjoy during the quiet season. Families and friends can enjoy these together, while neighbors can appreciate both their silence and their beauty in the sky.

Sky Bacon offers a variety of sky lanterns, including Christmas, New Year's, and Halloween themed designs.

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