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12 Types of Fireworks Effects

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Popular effects found in 4th of July fireworks


The 4th of July is right around the corner! That means it is time to choose the fireworks right for your celebration.

See the chart below for the effects that are all the rage in consumer fireworks today. Read on for a description of each effect and some popular fireworks in which that effect is featured. Find fireworks near you with our Fireworks Store Locator.

A multitude of common Firework effects in an inforgraphic. Each effect is in their own square. The effects are Brocade, Chrysanthemum, Crackle, Comet, Fish, Glitter, Nishiki Kamuro, Pal, Peony, Pistil, Strobe, and Willow


Brocade is one of the most common firework effects with a large number of spark trailing stars falling slowly in an umbrella pattern.

Fireworks with the Brocade effect:

  • Angry Cowboy comes out shooting with brocade tails to brocade crown and color stars with crackle.

  • Havana Nights has BOOMING brocades that are accentuated with vibrant color tips, and even has a false finale to keep your guests on the edge of their seats. Both of these fireworks' main effects are brocades that produce the best big booms to add to your display.


Peony is THE most common shell that features a spherical break with colorful stars.

Fireworks with the Brocade effect:

  • One of our favorite Peony fireworks is #BOOM is one of our favorite peony fireworks and was one of the #loudest fireworks a couple years back. You will not be disappointed with the two shot finale!

  • Jurassic Pork is another fan favorite that features a multicolor-peony jungle with twinkling-star pistil.


An effect similar to the Peony is a Chrysanthemum which has the same spherical break of colorful stars, but the stars leave a visible trail of sparks. It is often accompanied with crackle.

Fireworks with the Chrysanthemum effect:

  • BBQ Blowout’s intense finale features this effect that leaves a lasting impression.

  • Jewelry Box features a lot of different effects, but the white and gold Chrysanthemums are the shiniest of all.


Keeping on the trend of spherical breaks, pistil features a center sphere of stars in a spherical burst shell, and contains an outer sphere of stars as well.

Fireworks with the Pistil effect:

  • One of our featured products Bacon Blaster is a perfect example of this effect. It is a bright multicolored cake that is sure to sizzle your bacon?? Need some sort of pun here.

  • The #500 Single-Shot Tube is my personal favorite because the end effect is a perfect way to end a big display with the bright colors.


Strobe fireworks are another spherical break, but different than those previously mentioned. Strobes have a blinking effect that makes it seem like there is shimmering water in the sky.

Fireworks with the Strobe effect:

  • Another great strobe is present in Cerdo Loco. This cake is in a fan shaped box to ensure that the strobes take up the entire sky.


The Willow effects give the illusion of a giant willow tree in the sky, this effect created delicate trails that hang in the sky. A lot of fireworks have this effect, but two prominent ones are Willow Forest and Warriors.

Fireworks with the Willow effect:

  • Willow Forest is a single effect cake that has gold willows to create an elegant display.

  • Warriors comes in a 3 piece assortment that all show off thick willows and features a three-shot fanned finale.

Nishiki Kamuro

One of the last “typical” effects on this list, Nishiki Kamuro has hanging trails similar to a willow, but it starts with a dense burst that leaves a large glittery trail.

Fireworks with the Nishiki Kamuro effect:

  • Sky Bacon has a large assortment of nishiki products including Nishiki Fo’Shiki has 7 HUGE willow shots that you can only imagine.

  • Another Nishiki product, Nishiki Bang Bang also has 7 giant golden Nishiki willows featuring 13 shots of report as well.


Comets are a staple in most, if not all firework displays that end up erupting into other effects. Comets are a type of star that leaves a long trail of sparks as it flies through the air and can be super delicate or thick.

Fireworks with the Comet effect:

  • This One Bad Piggy bombs the sky with three multicolored comet tails separated by mines. Each comet bursts into color-tipped dahlias with strobing chrysanthemums.

  • Another great Comet from Sky Bacons Backyard King and this loud and colorful comet ensures you reign supreme of the Fourth this year.


No matter your age, everybody loves a good Crackle in their fireworks. These effects produce clusters of flashing lights accompanied by a crackling sound.

Fireworks with the Crackle effect:

  • Get the bright lights and loud noises of Sin City with Vegas @ Night! The crackling sound and effect show off after the palms have burst and it is hard to not want more!

  • America Forever is our longest lasting fountain that features bright golden crackling stars.


Palm’s are a great effect to add into your displays this summer. Palms’s long thick streams of light give the illusion of a palm tree hence the name. Personally I love this effect, because it makes it feel like I am at the beach!

Fireworks with the Palm effect:

  • Electric Palm lives up to its name in this electrifying performance!

  • Strawberry Lemonade is a refreshing experience with the crackling palms followed by yellow and red stars.


A similar effect to Crackling, Glitter produces flashes of light that are in the dust or trail of the firework rather than the burning material itself.

Fireworks with the Glitter effect:

  • Home Run artillery shells might have a ton of different effects, but the one thing that stays the same is the multicolor glitter with every shot.

  • One firework that's pure glitter is 99 Red Balloons. Between the silver glittering mines leading to silver and red glittering stars, you will NOT be disappointed with this glitter power.


For our last effect to talk about this season, Fish is a truly unique and interesting feature. Personally it is my favorite to see the large inserts propel themselves rapidly away from the shell burst in a way that makes them appear to be fish swimming away.

Fireworks with the Fish effect:

  • Fish Frenzy shoots up as multicolored shots and then pure silver fish.

  • Color Fish on the other hand go up multicolored and then break off into white, red or blue. This means not only do you get a cool fun effect for your display, but you get a pure American effect.

Find Fireworks Near You

Make sure to support your local fireworks dealers this season, and look on our Store Locator to find the nearest for you!

Have a fun and safe summer, and keep an eye on our safety page to get the best practices for shooting fireworks.


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