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How to Shoot Artillery Shells (Fireworks Safety)

Learn how to safely shoot artillery shells! First, review the fireworks safety basics.

Fireworks Safety Basics

  • Shoot outside only (choose an area with no obstructions)

  • Have adult supervision

  • Have a water source handy

  • Wear safety glasses & close-toed shoes

  • Read package instructions

  • Use common sense!

How to Safely Shoot Artillery Shells

Watch the video above to see how it's done.

  1. Take fireworks outside in a spot with no obstructions.

  2. Place tube on a flat surface.

  3. Use bricks or cinder blocks to secure (use multiple for added stability!)

  4. Load only one device at a time.

  5. To light: use an instant-on torch, punk stick, or barbecue lighter.

  6. Light one fuse, stand back, and ENJOY!

After The Shoot

  1. Allow fireworks to cool 15-20 minutes before approaching.

  2. Dowse with water or let sit overnight before disposing.

  3. Dispose outside in a metal container or at a trash collection facility.

Find printable fireworks safety materials at

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