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Sparkler Safety for Kids: Protect their hands with this safety trick!

Updated: Jan 10

Sparkler Safety: "The Cup Trick"

Sparklers are one of the fireworks items that cause the most injuries simply because of the proximity of the handler to the sparks. When children are handling sparklers, it's important to protect their hands! Here' an extremely simple tip to make the classic sparkler safer for kids.

  1. Poke a hole in a plastic cup.

  2. Have the child hold the sparkler, then place the cup over the sparkler through the hole. Make sure the cup is completely covering the child's hand.

  3. Take the sparklers outside, light, and enjoy!

Sparklers for Kids

When shopping for sparklers, look for these kid-safe items:

Snow Wand (Cold Sparklers - Ideal For Kids!)

The kiddos and parents will thank you for bringing these to the New Year's Eve party. A safer alternative to traditional sparklers, these "cold"-flame sparklers burn at a very low temperature and are highly recommend for children. The Snow Wand from Sky Bacon Fireworks is a fantastic option. To add to the fun, the Snow Wand handle is a glow stick! How "cool" is that?

10-inch Gold Sparklers

For the adults (or for kids with the "plastic cup" safety trick above), you can't go wrong with classic gold sparklers! Our best sellers are the #10 Gold Wire Sparklers and the #10 Gold Bamboo Sparklers.

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