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Best Fireworks for celebrating New Year's

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Here's our list of the best and most popular fireworks to ring in the new year.

Willow Forest & Willow Nation

When in doubt, go with gold. Gorgeous gold willows are featured in both of these Sky Bacon multi-shot cakes.

Willow Forest: Amazing gold-willow mines lead up to drooping gold-willow breaks - an elegant and timeless display. This is a spectacular single-effect cake!

Willow Nation: A must-have for willow fans! Big busts of golden willow branches hang down with leaves of red and green.

Hellcat Cans

A best-seller every year, these premium artillery shells are a blast! Each kit contains a durable, fiberglass mortar and shells labeled for effect.

Ice Fountains

Intense yet elegant, ice fountains look crazy awesome attached to champagne bottles and lit up on the stroke of midnight. Be sure to have bottle clips handy.

Nuclear Fallout

Vivid color shots fan into the sky and decay into red and gold fallout. A dangerously popular firework.

Mighty Cobra

A fantastic value cake, Mighty Cobra strikes the sky with a barrage of loud crackling comets. This awesome single-effect cake pairs with just about anything or dazzles on its own.

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