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Clever Halloween Decor from the Fireworks Store

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

October is here and costume shops are no doubt popping up around the country. But, did you know: your local fireworks store might carry products that can add a spine-chilling edge to your Halloween festivities.

Here are some Halloween ideas to hunt for at your local fireworks shop.

Mega Smoke

Type: Smoke bombs; Duration: 1min 20sec

Sky Bacon's Mega Smoke series are hands-down the best smoke bombs to use for Halloween. Set one of these off inside a carved pumpkin for an eerily beautiful look. You can find them in black, orange, red, blue, yellow, and pink.

These are also popular with impromptu photoshoots for a spooky smoke effect.

Sky Lanterns

These Jack-O-Lantern themed sky lanterns are so much fun to send soaring on Halloween night.

Look for the Sky Bacon brand - they even come in an Alien design!


Type: Special effect/Novelty; Duration: 90sec

Speaking of Jack-O-Lanterns, stick this 90-second strobing novelty inside a carved pumpkin for an easy, haunting effect.

There are dozens of other pyro products that can fit the Halloween theme. It's time to visit your local fireworks shop and get creative.

Happy haunting!

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